Jeromeskee started B-boying in 1996 and has been performing and competing ever since. He is a member of several competitive B-boy groups – 2x world-champion Massive Monkees, DVS Crew, and what was the Seattle SuperSonics Boom Squad. Massive Monkees is the 1st American crew to win the title of R-16 B-Boy Master World Champions in Korea. Jeromeskee has participated in, judged, and won numerous B-boy events throughout the world, in the U.K., France, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Poland, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Canada, and all over the U.S.. He was a featured performer on "Dancing With The Stars," the MTV Video Music Awards and Europe Music Awards, competed on MTV’s "America's Best Dance Crew," and was one of the coaches on MTV's "MADE: I Want To Be A B-boy." He is part of the team that choreographed and appeared in the award-winning music video, “Downtown,” for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and also choreographed for and performed live on Macklemore’s world tour.

Bboy Jeromeskee,Break Dancing



A popular style of dance that emerged from hip-hop culture, breaking is a technical style of street dance that is set to long periods of musical ‘breaks.’ B-boys or B-girls are the technical terms for dancers who have mastered this discipline. Focused on power moves, freezes, and footwork, breaking takes rhythm and athleticism. It’s a great supplement to all-styles and hip-hop choreography but is distinctly different with its own unique style and elements.

Our kids breaking program is all about fun! Dancers are challenged to think creatively, put together concepts, use their imaginations, and emphasize their own style. We run the premiere breaking program in the Northwest and have contributed to the success of our advanced, competitive, and battle-ready B-boys, B-girls, and alumni. If your child is interested in breaking, the legacy of our program is unmatched!

Summer Session 2021

July 7th - August 12th

Pre-Level Hip Hop/Breaking

Ages 4 - 6


10:00 - 10:45 AM

Beginning Breaking

Ages 7+


11:00 - 11:50 AM

Int. Breaking

By Assessment



6:00 - 6:50 PM

Adv. Breaking

By Assessment



7:00 - 7:50 PM

Open-Level Hip Hop & Funk Styles


5:00 - 5:50 PM

Int/Adv. BreakFit(TM) Target Training (Outdoors!)

Double your performance through drills that help build physical fitness! BreakFit(TM) Challenge is a unique training program that combines elements of breaking with proven methods of fitness training. It's a program for teens and adults with all levels of experience, with no dance background necessary.


Exercises are built around mobility, stability, and strength. Dance, have fun, and maximize your potential!

Breaking Battle Camp

August 16th - August 20th

This camp is for B-boys & B-girls ready to take their breaking elements & battle tactics to the next level. This immersive camp will cover everything from hip-hop history, power moves training, BreakFit(TM) conditioning, & how to develop your personal, unique style. The finale will be a live outdoor battle at the end of Camp with a live DJ!

Beg/Int. Breaking Battle Camp


Int/Adv. Breaking Battle Camp


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